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    It is made of the national stone of Peru, is Rare Opaline, and has been mass marketed by disreputable gemstone dealers in recent years. The gemstone can help balance metabolic complications and ease dizziness, and is also believed to help with sleep issues.

    Considered a powerful healing stone, this opal from the Andes is associated with the cardiac chakra. These gemstones can regulate sugar levels and clean the kidneys and the blood. These beautiful beads will also infuse you with peace and tranquillity. It is believed to encourage spontaneity and that the gemstone is associated with love and passion, helping you to release your inhibitions. It is thought to strengthen memory and therefore help treat Parkinson's disease.

    Peruvian opal's tropical blue or pink hue makes it a starry choice for beach-inspired jewellery. These 100% natural gemstone beads will cost around $200.

    Origin: Peru, Mexico. Colour: Blue, blue-green, pink, white. Clarity: Translucent, Opaque. Cuts: Mixed. Treatment: 100% Natural.