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    Crystal Rough rock chunks have been compacted in the most natural way possible. It appears to be exactly as it came from the Earth, untouched by humans and machines, which makes it refined or heart-treated. The shapes seem to be occasionally unusual or awkward, and they lack the lustrous glitz of tumbled pieces. It is the most sacred gemstone because of its unique appearance.

    Furthermore, many believe these raw stones have more pure energy because they have been untouched and unaltered. Some healers believe the more natural or unworked a stone is, the more energy it produces. In this case, raw stone offers numerous advantages, particularly in harnessing the power within yourself and healing your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual states. This type of crystal is best for providing positive energy and addressing your body's and environment's toxicity.

    Origin – quarried. Colour -Purple is sodium ion; green is chlorine ion. Clarity - Grading. Cuts -   polished and  transparent. Treatment - Untreated 100 % Genuine Gemstone.