Ammolite 925 Sterling Silver Jewellery

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    Origin: The Rocky Mountains of North America.
    Treatment: Untreated 100% Genuine Gemstone.
    Color: Purple, Blue, Rainbow, Pink, Red, Green, etc.
    Clarity: Sometimes the gemstone may have cracks or blemishes. Otherwise, the surface is clean and smooth.
    Cut: Facets.

    The crushed shells of ammonite marine creatures are used to create ammolite, an organic Opal-like gemstone. It took roughly 70 million years for it to come into being. When ammolite is exposed to natural or artificial light, it exhibits a wide range of appealing hues. The color of Ammolite is based on how thick the gemstone is. If the Ammolite is thin then it has various colors on display. The various colors include beautiful blue and violet colors. If it is thick then the layers give red and green colors and these colors are more enduring. Thin layered Ammolites are more gentle and prone to crack. Thus these thin layered Ammolites are less prevalent and more expensive. Every layer of the Ammolite gemstone is depicted in separate colors.
    266 products